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Submitted on
January 7, 2013


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Commissions are Open!

Mon Jan 7, 2013, 8:25 PM
It's been a while since I opened them and since I have some time left before school, I'll try and do some commissions to pay for my textbooks!
My commissions will be opened for a limited time so...get slot!
Bouncy Creatures
$15 each or 1500 :points:
:bulletblue: Includes free blinking and/or smiling animation
Pokemon XY - Fennekin by GeegeetPokemon XY - Chespin by GeegeetPokemon XY - Froakie by Geegeet

Chibi Dolls
:bulletblue::Free Blinking Animation included
$8 each or 800 :points:
Kera and Micayla by Geegeet

$15 each or 1500 :points:
Sailor Senshi by GeegeetChibi Gym Leaders by Geegeet

$15each or 1500 :points:
:bulletblue:Includes either a transparent or simple background
:bulletblue:Blinking Animation upgrade +$2

Full Body
$35 each or 3500 :points:
:bulletblue:Includes either a transparent or simple background
:bulletblue:Blinking Animation upgrade +$2
Kera by GeegeetMicayla by Geegeet

:bulletyellow: How do I order?
     Please note the details of your commission.
:bulletyellow: What are you willing to draw?
      I can draw whatever you want.It's usually case by case. Just note me what you want and I will reply back. I've done anthro,furries,fetish,crazy stuff lol
:bulletyellow: How long will it take for me to receive my commission?
      Turnaround is around 1 to 5 days of payment. You're not going to be waiting weeks or months to get your commission. I have plenty of old commissioners who can vouch for my diligence.
:bulletyellow: I want a commission that's not exactly one of the options listed
     Like before, just send a note, and I will give you a definite answer. If I agree to your commission, we will work out a price and go from there.

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V-FABY-V Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
Can I get another one???
AdeleEevee Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
I love your style but I dont have any points! :iconcryforeverplz:
YukiSasukeHitsugaya Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
HOLY CRAP, WANT. I've been waiting for this day for a very long time. :D
Super-Ryan Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh nooo, I'd literally love to have a chibi made, but I have no where near enough points :'(

I wish I had enough.
Miumeii Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013   Traditional Artist
wahhhh I hope these are still open on the 10th I want oneee ;//u//;
Geegeet Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Open for around 2 weeks ^^
Kamikase-Dey Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconruncryplz: i lose all my points! noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
PeanutButterXPie Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Is this going to be unlimited? o: Like, everyone who orders? Or will you close it after so many? I get paid in a few days and I would hate to miss this cause you got full. ;A;
Geegeet Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I work fast, so it's pretty much unlimited :)
PeanutButterXPie Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh yaay! :'D I will be ordering soon then!
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